M 248 Mazda final
M 248 Mazda finalM48[1]

Item Code-M248A: REPAIR


Mazda BT250 (2000-2006) Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Mazda BT50 (2000-2006)Matsushita 1 Disc CD Tuner
Model/s;UA3F 66 DSXA(CQ-JM8682TA

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Product Description

Mazda BT50 (2000-2006)
Matsushita 1 Disc CD Tuner
Model/s;UA3F 66 DSXA(CQ-JM8682TA
Common Faults: Jammed CD’s,Will not Play CD’s
Error on display,No sound.rror on
• Option A- Come To Service Center: Fixed price repair of common faults including remove and refit at our service center is $320. (For booking please call 0412 47 33 48)
Service Center at:
TOPSOUND Car Audio Specialist:
27 Nineveh, Crescent . Greenfield Park. NSW 2176

(Time require approximately 1-2 hours)

 STEP 1: EXAMPLE ONLY-   Remove the original unit out of the car.

STEP 2: EXAMPLE ONLY  Repair or exchange new unit

STEP 3: EXAMPLE ONLY  Installation back to the car  and finishing.

 •Option B- Send Faulty Unit To Service CenterFixed price for repair is $440 (including return freight back to customer) please send your faulty unit to address below :

Address TOPSOUND Car Audio Specialist: 27 Nineveh, Crescent . Greenfield  Park, NSW 2176

Most repairs will be fixed and return within 5 working days.
All repairs come with 12(twelve) months warranty.








All repairs have 12 (twelve) months warranty on all parts and labor carried out.