About us

Editing A Page

To create a new Page, log in to your site using the username and password AusWebDesign provided to you in your “Website Live” email. Next, click on the “Pages” tab located on the left after you login to your site.

“Pages” is where you are able to edit the content of your pages. Through the software, you have the ability to upload most types of media, including text, photos, videos and pdf’s to name a few. For further assistance on how to do this, please consult the video manuals we provide you with your installation. This is located on the left next to the “Pages” tab. These videos are short, straightforward and chosen for your convenience. The software we use prides itself on being user-friendly so please do not feel intimidated.

Adding A New Page

Due to how we setup our software, you will need to email your developer here at AusWebDesign with instructions on what pages to add. The developer will add this new page with dummy content (like you initially received your website) which you then overwrite.

Deleting New Page

You are able to delete a page yourself through the software. When you are on “Pages”, check the checkbox located to the left of the page you wish to delete. Next, click on “Trash” which is located just above the list of pages. This is automatically remove it from the menu on your website.